FAQ: What Level Must You Be To Wear Dragonspyre Crafted Clothing?

Answer: Half moon/moon Correct! 7. What level must you be to wear Dragonspyre crafted clothing? Answer: 33 Correct!

Who was ordered to guard the sword of kings w101?

In Reagent’s Square, the Professor is standing in front of a: Answer: Telegraph Box Correct! 3. Who was ordered to guard the Sword of Kings? Answer: The Knights of the Silver Rose Correct!

What term best fits sun magic spells?

Answer: Tranquilize. What term best fits Sun Magic Spells? If you’re a storm wizard with 4 power pips and 3 regular pips, how powerful would your supercharge charm be?

Who Prophesizes this the mirror will break the horn will call from the shadows I strike and the skies will fall?

Answer: Niles Who prophesizes this? “The mirror will break, The horn will call, From the shadows I strike, And the skies will fall”.

What color are the Marleybone mailboxes?

What color are the Marleybone mailboxes? Answer: Red Correct! 10. Arthur Wethersfield is A:..

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What is the gemstone for balance w101?

4. What is the gemstone for Balance? Answer: Citrine Correct!

Where has Pharenor been imprisoned?

Answer: Shrubberies Correct! 11. Where has Pharenor been imprisoned? Answer: Skythorn Tower Correct!

Who teaches balance Magic?

Like the School of Death, the Balance School’s teacher isn’t directly in Ravenwood, but rather it has someone who is knows enough of the art and will teach what he can. This instructor is Arthur Wethersfield. He is well traveled and from a world called Marleybone, a world which disbelieves Magic.

How long can a snail sleep wizard101?

Snails can sleep for three to four years until the climate becomes more suitable for them. The reason snails sleep is they alike many other animals hibernate.

Who is the missing prince w101?

Prince Tiziri Silvertusk is a Zafarian prince and son of the Olyphant Queen, Aryanah Silvertusk, who resides in the Darajani Palace in Stone Town. The Prince is one of the missing students on the student exchange program from Wizard City.

What level of spell does Enya Firemoon teach?

NPC whom you speak to in order to learn the Spear spells at Level 80. She is freed for interaction by completion of the quest Lair of the Winter Wyrm.

Who do you talk to while you have your monkey suit on in Monquista?

Answer: Silk Who do you talk to while you have your Monkey Suit on in Monquista?

Who would most likely carry a spirit flute?

Answer: Big Sky Who would most likely carry a spirit flute?

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What is the name of the Musketeer trainer?

Ol’ Fish Eye. The trainer for musketeers ol’ Fish eye As a youth, this keen-eyed Pelican ran away from Skull Island and his home in Jonah Town to see the Spiral.

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