Often asked: Who Makes Kasper Clothing?

Sassco becomes an independent company and changes its name to Kasper A.S.L., Ltd. 1999: Kasper purchases Anne Klein Co. for an estimated $75 million.

Where are Kasper clothes made?

In addition, the company operates retail outlet stores throughout the United States under the Kasper A.S.L. and Anne Klein names. Fabrics are selected primarily from Europe and Asia. The clothing is manufactured in the Far East.

Who owns Kasper clothing?

The Kasper Group was a part of the Jones Apparel group of companies purchased by Sycamore Partners in April 2014 as part of the take private acquisition of The Jones Group Inc. Nine West Holdings and the Kasper Group currently are separate portfolio companies of Sycamore Partners.

Does Kasper own Le Suit?

Kasper A.S.L., Ltd., the world’s largest women’s suit manufacturer, designs, markets, sources, manufactures, and distributes women’s career and special occasion suits, sportswear, and dresses under Kasper A.S.L., Anne Klein, Albert Nipon, and Le Suit trademarks.

Is Jones Apparel Group still in business?

Nine West Holdings (formerly The Jones Group and Jones Apparel Group) is an American designer, marketer and wholesaler of branded clothing, shoes and accessories. In 2019, the company restructured under and is renamed Premier Brands Group Holdings Llc.

Does Nine West still exist?

Nine West, also known as 9 West, was an American online fashion retailer which is based in White Plains, New York. It was founded in 1983 and closed its brick and mortar stores business in 2018.

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Who owns Nine West shoe company?

Nine West is owned by Sycamore Partners Management, which took a controlling stake in the company in 2014. The company has secured a $300 million loan to help fund its operations during the bankruptcy process.

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