Question: What Is Trukfit Clothing?

TRUKFIT, an acronym for “The Reason U Kill For IT“, is a clothing brand from Lil Wayne that debuted in January, 2012. The clothing line has also widened its range from just selling hats, t-shirts, jumpers and hoodies to now selling beanies, jackets, shorts, sweatpants and socks.

What does TRUKFIT mean?

When Trukfit, which stands for “ The Reason You Kill For It,” initially launched, the designs were almost a parody of streetwear. They were bright, youthful and very reminiscent of Japanese streetwear brand A Bathing Ape.

Is TRUKFIT still a brand?

Lil Wayne’s clothing brand, TRUKFIT, has gone through some changes in 2015 and starting this fall, the brand will showcase their new direction by releasing several garments with a contemporary look while staying true to TRUKFIT’s aesthetics.

Is Lil Wayne the owner of TRUKFIT?

NEW YORK, Sept. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Grammy Award winning, multi-platinum selling recording artist and label owner, Lil Wayne, is proud to announce that his full lifestyle apparel brand TRUKFIT is moving into a new apparel category with the launch of their first-fever TRUKFIT Juniors line.

Is TRUKFIT Lil Wayne brand?

TRUKFIT, an acronym for “The Reason U Kill For IT“, is a clothing brand from Lil Wayne that debuted in January, 2012. Weezy F Baby came up with the name from his childhood experiences when him and his friends would buy replica clothes from the back of a truck that would drive by his neighborhood.

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How old is Lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne’s net worth is $150 Million, making him one of the richest rappers in the world. Although many criticize his music, it has not taken away from his massive success at such a young age.

Is Lil Wayne good at skateboarding?

Most people know Lil Wayne as a Grammy-winning hip-hop artist. But those close to the skate industry know that he’s also a passionate skateboarder.

What is Lil Wayne clothing line?

About six years after he launched his skate-centric brand Trukfit, Lil Wayne has decided to expand his fashion offerings with a new line of Young Money apparel. The range, which is a collaborative effort with luxury department store Neiman Marcus, will officially drop this weekend in Southern California.

Who owns Black Pyramid?

The Rise of Chris Brown’s Black Pyramid Clothing Brand. Grammy winning musical artist Chris Brown joined Pink + Dolphin founders, Cena Barhaghi and Neima Khaila, in launching his Black Pyramid line back in November of 2012.

Who is the owner of GKUA?

“The combination of our incredible products, market knowledge and commitment to quality, paired with the unmatched fanbase of Lil Wayne, the ultimate cannabis connoisseur, creates an unprecedented opportunity to create a cannabis brand that values creativity and the artistic pursuit,” said Beau Golob, President and Co-

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