Question: What Should You Do If Someone Else Clothing Catches Fire?

If your clothes or someone else’s clothes catch on fire, DO NOT run; stop, drop, and roll until the fire goes out and then call 911. Never remove any clothing stuck to a person’s body. Cover them with a wet blanket until the burning stops, then cover them with a dry blanket.

What should you do when a person’s clothes catch fire?

If you clothes catch fire:

  1. STOP immediately where you are.
  2. DROP to the ground.
  3. ROLL over and over and back and forth, covering your face and mouth with your hands (this will prevent flames from burning your face and smoke from entering your lungs).
  4. COOL the burn with cool water for 10-15 minutes.
  5. CALL a grown-up for help.

What should you not do if a persons clothes suddenly catches fire?

Never wrap a person whose clothes are on fire in a fire blanket, as it can create a chimney effect and cause burns on the person’s body and face. Instead they should roll on the floor to try to put out the fire, or step under a safety shower, if there is one in close proximity.

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What should you do if someone is on fire first aid?

What to Do

  1. Remove clothing from the burned areas, except clothing stuck to the skin.
  2. Run cool (not cold) water over the burn until the pain eases.
  3. Lightly apply a gauze bandage or a clean, soft cloth or towel.
  4. If your child is awake and alert, offer ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain.

What should you not do if a persons clothes suddenly catch fire quizlet?

What should you NOT do if a person’s clothes suddenly catch fire? Wrap a fire blanket around a standing person. Why should you never use a CO2 based fire extinguisher on a person?

Why do you need to stop from running or walking when your clothes catches fire?

It is very important not to panic and run. Running fans the flames and increases the fire. Heat rises so cover your face with your hands to protect the delicate eyes and skin on the face and to protect airways from the smoke.

How do you save a burning person?

First aid for burn injuries

  1. Protect your own safety at all times.
  2. For all burns apply cold running (tap) water for at least 20 minutes.
  3. If running water not available, wet 2 cloths and alternate them onto the burn every 2 minutes.
  4. Keep the rest of the body warm.
  5. Do NOT use ice, butter, creams, etc.

How will you manage someone who is on fire?

Stop the casualty from moving. Drop them to the floor and wrap in a fire blanket or heavy fabric. Roll them along the ground until the flames go out. Emergency advice

  • Activate the first alarm you see and help others to evacuate.
  • Close doors behind you.
  • Follow evacuation procedure or follow escape route signs.
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What First Aid would you suggest to a person who has received burn any three?

Place the burned area under running cool water for at least 5 minutes to reduce swelling. Apply an antiseptic spray, antibiotic ointment, or aloe vera cream to soothe the area. Loosely wrap a gauze bandage around the burn. To relieve pain, take acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or naproxen.

What should you do if your clothing catches fire quizlet?

“STOP, DROP, AND ROLL” is used when you/your clothes catch fire. This means to immediately stop what you are doing, drop to the group, and roll on the ground in order to smother the flames.

What should you do if someone is on fire quizlet?

React to the unexpected: if you should catch on fire: STOP, DROP, AND ROLL. If a coworker or patient catches on fire, smother the flames by grabbing a blanket or rug and wrapping them up in it.

What is the first thing you have to do if there is a fire in the lab?

should always pull the fire alarm and call 911 to evacuate the building and bring the fire department. ➢ Keep areas around all types of heating equipment clear of combustibles at all times. While working in a lab you notice that smoke is coming from a fume hood across the room.

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