Quick Answer: Where Is Ardene Clothing Made?

Summary. Founded in 1982, Ardene is a family-owned Canadian fast-fashion retailer based in Montreal, Quebec.

Is ardene only in Canada?

Merchandise offered through ardene.com/ca is only available for delivery to addresses in Canada. Please visit our United States website if you wish to purchase merchandise from a United States address.

Are Ardenes ethical?

Our collection of eco-conscious clothing is made with sustainable resources, to help make an impact in reducing global pollution and waste. Recycled polyester is used in much of our new collection and is made from recycled post-consumer plastic & reduces the need for new petroleum products.

Who is the CEO of ardene?

CEO Joseph Coradino last month included Ardene among newly signed “high-performance tenants” intended to spur a turnaround for PREIT. The company, which operates 21 malls and is developing Fashion District Philadelphia, recently announced a net loss of $45.9 million for this year’s first half.

How much is ardene worth?

Ardene has a revenue of $300M, and 1,500 employees.

Does ardene use child Labour?

Here are some of the ways we take a stance on workplace rights: Vendors must agree to pay fair wages for all employees and other workers producing products for Ardene. Vendors must agree that they will not at any time use child labor, prison labor, or slave labor in connection with our products.

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Is ardene a corporation?

Ardene ər-den, är-den is a family-owned Canadian value fashion retailer based in Montreal, Quebec. The company operates over 300+ stores in Canada, the United States and the Middle East, and occupies over 2 million square feet of retail space. The company employs over 3,500 people across Canada.

Does ardene use fast fashion?

Founded in 1982, Ardene is a family-owned Canadian fast-fashion retailer based in Montreal, Quebec. With over 30 years as a highly recognizable fast fashion brand with a reputation for operational excellence in the Canadian market, Ardene has started to expand internationally, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Is garage an ethical brand?

Its environment rating is ‘very poor’. It does not publish sufficient relevant information about its environmental policies to give a higher rating. As a shopper you have the right to know how its production practices impact on the environment.

Does ardene ship to America?

Ardene is glad to offer shipping everywhere in the continental USA! You are responsible for the shipping costs associated with the delivery to you of merchandise purchased through Ardene.com. Shipping fees are non-refundable.

Is Urban Planet fast fashion?

About Urban Planet: Unique in size and concept, Urban Planet is one of the fastest-growing fashion brands in Canada, with more than 100 locations across the country and an online store at www.urban-planet.com.

Why do you want to work at Ardene?

Why do you want to work for Ardene? Say you like the product and the service you get here and because of this, you would be proud to represent them. Mention you would like a job that keeps you active. Say you love fashion and helping others feel fashionable, and a career at Ardene would allow you to do both.

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How many ardene locations are there?

Ardene has about 350 stores worldwide with plans for more international expansions, which will be announced in early 2020.

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