Who Makes Hurley Clothing?

The company’s headquarters is in Costa Mesa, California. From 2002 to 2019, Hurley was a subsidiary of Nike, Inc. In 2019 Hurley was sold to branding and licensing company Bluestar Alliance LLC.

Hurley International.

Type Subsidiary
Products Swimsuits, wetsuit, clothing, accessories
Parent Bluestar Alliance LLC
Website hurley.com


Is Hurley owned by Under Armour?

Dan Hurley, now the head coach at Wagner College, agreed to a multi-year deal with Under Armour. Under Armour is providing our team with state-of-the-art apparel, footwear and accessories, and, more importantly, they are giving our student-athletes the best chance to succeed.”

Where does Hurley get their shirts?

Hurley is an American corporation founded in 1998 that specializes in apparel and equipment for surfers. Hurley does not provide information on their sourcing policy or practices. Their clothes are manufactured in China, Portugal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

Why did Nike get rid of Hurley?

Nike Sells Off Hurley for Undisclosed Sum “As we drive increasingly more targeted investment and focused growth through Nike’s Consumer Direct Offense, this change in ownership will allow sharper focus and intentional investment in Hurley’s growth potential.”

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Is Hurley a nice brand?

Hurley Is A Good Brand For Boardshorts. Hurley is probably best known for its incredible boardshorts as demonstrated by the following very popular pair of boardshorts that has an amazing 83% of customers rating it 5 out of 5-stars. Great design, very comfortable, quick-drying, and not see-through at all…

What does the word Hurley mean?

Hurley is a surname of Irish and English origin, with the Irish version of the name being far more common. The English version of the name is a habitational name from places of the same name in Berkshire and Warwickshire; the name being derived from Old English hyrne ‘corner’, ‘bend’ + leah ‘wood’, ‘clearing’.

Who owns IPD surf?

Mark Simpson – CEO – IPD Surf | LinkedIn.

What are Hurley T shirts made of?

The Hurley staple men’s t-shirt is made with soft cotton for all-day comfort and lasting wear.

What does the Hurley logo stand for?

The logo is often considered as one of the most popular and memorable apparel logos in history. Colors of the Hurley Logo. The black color in the Hurley logo represents the brand’s elegance, excellence, supremacy and prestige.

Is Hurley a good surf brand?

Hurley is associated with technical surf gear like their signature Phantom boardshorts. Featuring a solid team of brand ambassadors like Filipe Toledo and Kolohe Andino, they’re making a mark both in terms of product and performance.

Does Nike still sell Hurley?

Nike has finalized a deal to sell the Hurley brand to Bluestar Alliance LLC.

How much did Nike buy Hurley?

Bob Hurley, of course, cashed in his chips to Nike for a hundred and twenty mill in 2002, three years after Hurley International was launched, although he continued to run the show until 2015.

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What is the best brand of hurley?

With the early votes in, it appears that the number one hurley maker in Ireland is Star Hurleys in Kilkenny. Made by the Dowlings of Kilkenny, the Star is used by the majority of Kilkenny hurlers.

Why is hurley so popular?

The main factor of Hurley’s success was the marketing strategy. With so many forward-thinking minds in the team, Hurley was able to become an almost overnight success. The introduction of the Hurley brand meant that much of the Australian surfing culture was brought to the USA.

Is hurley an ethical company?

Its labour rating is ‘it’s a start’ based on the 2018 Ethical Fashion Report. This looks at criteria including payment of a living wage, transparency and worker empowerment. It received the top score for its Supplier Code of Conduct included in its supplier contracts.

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