Often asked: How To Gift Wrap A T Shirt?

Place tissue paper and the folded shirt into a garment box and tape it closed. One of the easiest ways to wrap a shirt is to place it into a garment box, also called a shirt box. Lay 2 pieces of tissue paper in the bottom of the box, then neatly fold the shirt and lay it on top of the tissue.

How do you wrap a shirt with wrapping paper?

Place the shirt about 2 in (5.1 cm) from the bottom of the paper. Lay the wrapping paper that you just cut face-down on your work surface. Then, place the tissue-wrapped shirt on top of the sheet, leaving just enough of an overhang that you can close the bottom of the package later.

How do you wrap a gift creatively?

10 Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

  1. Idea 01. Pair It With Prints.
  2. Idea 02. Keep It Natural.
  3. Idea 03. Leave a Note.
  4. Idea 04. Skip the Paper.
  5. Idea 05. Deck the Wall.
  6. Idea 06. Tuck It in the Tree. Photo by @clarissaescobar_
  7. Idea 07. Bring the Bright.
  8. Idea 08. Keep it Simple.

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