Often asked: How To Measure Neck Size For Dress Shirt?

To get a proper neck measurement for your dress shirt, first wrap the measuring tape around your throat. While keeping the tape in place, slide one to two fingers between your neck and the tape. This will allow some space for breathing when the collar is buttoned.

What size is 15.5 inch collar?

We measure our shirts the traditional way, using collar sizes, so you will see our shirts quoted in inches – 15″ (small), 15.5″ (medium), 16.5″ (large) and 17.5″ (extra large).

What is collar length?

Collar size has length built-in to it to allow you to breathe, and for the collar to sit on your neck properly. If in doubt, you can instead note the collar size of a shirt that fits well allowing two fingers to still squeeze between your collar and neck. Whats The Difference Between Arm Length vs Sleeve Length.

How do you measure a man’s neck for a shirt?

Collar/neck size: Measure around your neck just above your collar bone, putting 1 finger between the tape and your neck. Or simply measure and add 1/4 inch. Round up to the closest ½ inch size.

What does shirt size 15.5 mean?

15.5 = Medium. 16 = Medium – Large. 16.5 = Large. 17 = Large – Extra Large.

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What’s an average neck size?

Conclusion. Average Neck Size Most adult male neck measurements range between 14-19 inches (35.5-48.3cm) and the average neck circumference is around 15 inches.

Is your neck the same size as your waist?

“Measure your waist at this crease point, but make sure the tape measure isn’t too tight against your skin.” Pro Tip: Take a pair of jeans and hold it around your neck. For many many people out there, your neck size is approximately the same size as your waist.

What is a normal neck size for a woman?

For women, the numbers were 21.8, 26.0 and 30.9. The average NC was 36.9 cm, 39.7 cm and 42.1 cm for normal-weight, overweight and obese men, and 34.1 cm, 36.1 cm and 38.5 cm for women in the corresponding groups.

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