Question: How To Measure Shirt Sleeve Length?

To measure your sleeve length:

  1. Measure from the center back of your neck (at your spine) to the end of your shoulder at the top of your arm.
  2. Measure from your shoulder to just past your wrist bone to where you would like your shirt cuff to sit.

Where do I measure sleeve length from?

Start with the end of the tape measure on the backbone at the nape or your neck. The measure should then run over the top of the shoulder (following a seam line, if one were to be there), down the arm to just below the wrist bone. Alternatively, you can take the measurement from a trusty favourite shirt.

How do you measure arm length without tape?

If you don’t have a tape measure, you can measure yourself using a piece of string and a ruler, yardstick, dollar bill or even your own hand.

What is the average sleeve length for a woman?

⭐ What is the average sleeve length for a woman? The average length will be between 30 and 31 inches.

How do you measure your chest and sleeve length?

Place one end of the tape measure on your spine at the center back of your neck and measure the distance to your shoulder joint (the top of your arm). Record this number. Measure from your shoulder joint to the end of your wrist, where your hand begins. Add the two numbers together for the most precise sleeve length.

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What does 32 33 mean on a shirt?

When looking at dress shirt size the first number on the size tag refers to the neck size, the second number to the sleeve length. As an example a shirt marked “15 ½ 32/33” would mean the man wears a 15 ½ inch neck size and a 32 or 33 inch sleeve length.

How do you measure sleeve length UK?

Sleeve Length Start from the top of the centre back, just below the collar and measure to your shoulder. Then measure from your shoulder to your wrist bone.

How do you measure shirt length?

The shirt length measurement is taken from the top of the shoulder, close to the mid side of your neck, following your body down to the point where you want your shirt to end.

What is the sleeve length of a short sleeve shirt?

Let’s start with the sleeve length. For a short sleeve shirt, you want the sleeves to end between the middle and the bottom of your bicep. When looking for a more modern style, choose a sleeve length that is closer to the middle of your bicep.

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