Quick Answer: How Much Do Clubs Make From Shirt Sales?

Clubs in return receive large, ‘up-front’ payments from their kit manufacturer. At best, the club can earn 20% of all net sales, though for many large deals, such royalty payments to a club only kick in only once a large number of sales have already been made – say, 2 million shirt sales.

Do football clubs make money off shirt sales?

However, it is an urban legend, and clubs do not make a lot of money, in relative terms, from shirt sales. Sportswear manufacturers – such as Nike, Adidas and Puma – get the lion’s share of the money spent on replica jerseys.

How much money did Juventus make from Ronaldo shirt sales?

The 830,000 sales figure, initially reported by Marca, would mean that around $105 million in revenue was brought in from shirt sales alone.

Do Manchester United make money on shirt sales?

For context, in the 2018/19 season, Manchester United allegedly sold 3.25 million shirts, which if used as a benchmark suggests a maximum of around 7 million shirt sales across Ronaldo’s 2 year contract. In short, it seems unlikely that the transfer will “pay for itself” in shirt sales.

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How much did Ronaldo make in shirt sales?

“Online searches for the ‘Ronaldo 7’ shirt have increased by over 600%, compared to last summer. This is proving to be the signing of the summer for Manchester United. Not only has Ronaldo smashed the record for the fastest selling shirt in Premier League history but has netted Man United £13.1m in shirt sale revenue.”

How much do football clubs make from shirts?

The “club will make their money back on shirt sales line” is an oft-repeated myth. Clubs generally receive 10-15% on shirt sales – the manufacturer (Nike in this case) receive majority of income.

How much did Ronaldo jerseys have Juventus sold?

Juventus invested a total of €340 million to sign Cristiano Ronaldo away from Real Madrid, and the Serie A champions are already seeing a solid return from the move. Business Insider’s Alan Dawson reported Juve sold $60 million worth of Ronaldo shirts in the 24 hours after the transfer became official.

How much does Ronaldo shirt cost?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s number seven Manchester United shirt has different prizes, depending on the model. The authentic home shirt, original and the Cup edition, which is the one that players wear, with Cristiano’s name on it costs $153 for men and women.

How much is Ronaldo shirt?

Sales for Ronaldo’s shirts — currently available for pre-order via Man Utd’s web store for $31 apiece — have eclipsed £187 million (approximately $259 million) since the squad confirmed that Ronaldo would once again wear lucky number 7 in early September.

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Do players make money on jersey sales?

Just curios. Not off their individual jerseys, no. Money made off licensed gear gets pooled and distributed per the terms of the CBA.

Which soccer jersey is the most sold?

FC Barcelona is the first and has two of the highest-selling soccer jerseys. The patchwork-style Nike 21/22 home jersey and the Nike ’21 El Clasico jersey are both fresh takes on the traditional Blaugrana vertical stripes. Liverpool is the second team to feature three years running.

What is Ronaldo salary?

7. Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United) – 531,000 dollars per week.

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