Quick Answer: How To Dress Up A Tee Shirt?

15 Cute Ways You Can Dress Up Your T-Shirt for Work

  1. Add a Cardi, Striped Pants, and Fun Flats.
  2. Add a Denim Jacket, Pencil Skirt, and Printed Pumps.
  3. Add a Spaghetti-Strap Dress and Tennis Shoes.
  4. Add a Shirt Dress and Espadrilles.
  5. Add a Topcoat, Skinny Pants, and Heels.
  6. Add Printed Pants and Wedges.

How do you style a plain shirt?

29 Ways to Style That Plain White T-Shirt in the Back of Your

  1. Play With Length: Pair a Cropped T-Shirt With a Long Skirt and Blazer.
  2. Tuck It Into a Cute Leather Miniskirt.
  3. Pair It With Shorts and Lace-Up Espadrilles.
  4. Wear It With a Vibrant Jacket and Statement Purse.
  5. Layer It Under a Matching Set.

How do I customize a plain white T-shirt?

Ten ways to transform a plain white tee into modern, stylish every day wear.

  1. Look No. T-Shirt turned dress.
  2. Look No. T-Shirt turned mini.
  3. Look No. Add button tabs to sleeves.
  4. Look No. Wrap it around – instant skirt.
  5. Look No. Metallic watercolor fabric paint.
  6. Look No. Off the shoulder hi-low dolman.
  7. Look N0.
  8. Look No.

How do you style a basic white shirt?


  1. For Work.
  2. Layer With a Slip Dress.
  3. Pair With a Midi or Maxi Skirt.
  4. Over a Swimsuit.
  5. With Your Favourite Denim.
  6. Tuck Into Wide Leg Trousers.
  7. Tie at the Front.
  8. Make a Statement With the Sleeves.

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