Quick Answer: What Can You Wear Over A Polo Shirt?

If you do want to add a layer over a polo shirt, try a bomber jacket or Harrington jacket instead, they are better suited to the style of a polo shirt. A blazer can be worn over a polo but we recommend sticking to a polo that has a neat, structured collar and stays put underneath your jacket.

Is it OK to wear a polo shirt with a sport coat?

You can use any classic color sport coat (blue, brown, grey or tan) as they are the neutrals that will work well with any solid polo. Polo shirts do go well with patterned jackets but make sure the polo is solid.

Can you wear a polo without an undershirt?

Wear It Right First, do not wear them with an undershirt. They’re meant to be casual. An undershirt will bulk you up (in a bad way), and the sleeves might peek out from underneath—not a good look. Go commando above the waist!

Can you wear a cardigan over a polo?

Summer cardigans are the most casual choice of them all. Worn during the warmer months they are made of much thinner material, and therefore always look best when they’re fastened up. They can be worn with a polo shirt or open collar shirt, but it is suggested you always wear one with something that has a collar.

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What goes well with polo shirt?

Polo shirts are an ideal clothing choice for casual occasions. They look great when paired with jeans, sweatpants, or shorts. You also have the option of wearing many different shoe styles such as loafers, sneakers, boat shoes, and espadrilles for a relaxed Miami vibe.

How do you style a polo shirt?

Pair a long sleeved polo-neck t-shirt with a pair of formal trousers or tapered chinos and classic oxford shoes for a preppy, back-to-work vibe! Don’t forget to roll the sleeves to elbow level, tuck it in and belt it up for a sharp, yet effortless appeal. This one is perfect for those casual Saturdays!

Can you wear a collared shirt under a blazer?

What is this? The thing is that it’s more modern for you to wear collars of your shirt inside the blazer, especially if your blazer has lapels. Because it stays there without any problems. But you can put your blouse collars out of the suit only when it has more like a stand-up collar.

Can you wear a short sleeve polo with a sport coat?

The polo shirt’s short sleeves feel a lot better under a blazer during the summer than a long-sleeved button-up. One downfall – or actually one thing to simply pay attention to – is that flimsier collars may bunch up under the blazer.

Can you wear a polo shirt untucked?

Polo shirts — They have an even hem and can be worn untucked, but are often tucked in for a little dressier look, especially by golfers. Rugby shirts, their long-sleeved cousins, are almost never tucked in, however.

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Why do guys wear undershirts under T shirts?

Men and women alike will often wear fitted undershirts in order to hide “lumps and bumps” under their clothing. Undershirts can help hide those bulges under a second layer of clothing, which provides a far smoother, more uniform appearance under any shirt, blouse, or dress.

Can you wear a collared shirt with a cardigan?

Most cardigans look classy and naturally stylish with a collared button-down shirt. Spread and semi-spread collars look best with a full-buttoned cardigan and a tie, while standard collars can be worn more casually.

How do you layer a polo?

Wanna keep things cool and comfortable at dressy occasions in the summertime? Rock a lightweight suit with a polo instead of a button down. Or skip the suit entirely and layer the polo under a blazer paired with chinos. In either case, make sure to tuck the polo in and wear a belt to avoid looking sloppy.

What kind of shirt do you wear with cardigan?

While you can try turtlenecks and any number of tops, it’s best to stick to button-up shirts and T-shirts. These styles will look the best and have you covered for any occasion. (You can even add a tie under your cardigan for an extra smart look.)

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