Quick Answer: What Color Shirt To Wear With Navy Blue Suit?

The most common shirt colour to wear with a blue suit is white, but you can also wear lighter shades of blue and pink. Try adding in patterns such as pinstripes too, for an extra stylish flair.

What color shirt goes with a navy suit?

Next to white, a pale blue tone is probably the most popular shirt color worn with a navy blue suit. Blue on blue evokes a coordinated, trendy vibe. We recommend picking a soft, muted blue in the pastel family that has undertones of gray or purple. Avoid clashing bold, saturated blues, like robin egg or a primary blue.

What color shirt goes with a dark navy suit?

For dark blue suit combinations, a white shirt would be a great accompaniment. The blue suit with white shirt goes supremely well when it is teamed with the right style elements.

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What color tie goes with navy blue suit and white shirt?

Navy Blue Suit With White Shirt Your go to colors for a white shirt and navy blue suit would include a navy, red or burgundy tie. Given that a navy suit demonstrates a certain level of assertiveness, those ties would become the perfect complement.

Can you wear black shirt with navy suit?

Blue Suit / Black Shirt It works best to pair a black shirt with a mid-tone blue suit (like royal). A black shirt also works with a navy suit, but the effect is less dramatic. The more contrast you can get between colors, the better. You can go with a black tie, or a tie the same color as your suit.

What dress color goes with a navy suit?

There are so many great colors that go well with a navy suit. Really, just about all wedding colors will match. Our favorites, however, are the colors that really pop. So bright shades of coral, yellow, purple, mint, etc.

What color shoes should you wear with a navy suit?

The best shoes to wear with a navy suit are black, navy or cognac: keep within these tones for a foolproof office look. The most understated option, black will always look sharp with a navy suit. This will always be the most straightforward choice, since you don’t need to consider different shades.

What colors go well with navy blue?

Black-shaded hues like dusty purple, hunter green, and maroon share navy’s intensity and are likely to fade when paired with the dark-blue hue. Luckily, you’ll find plenty of colors, including mustard yellow, bright pink, cherry red, and even metallic gold, that go beautifully with navy blue.

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What Colour tie goes with a dark blue suit?

Best Tie for Blue Suit Red Tie – The red tie and dark blue suit combo, a powerful look. Black Tie – A a look that never fails, classic and safe. Yellow Tie – Must have the aberrant personality to back it up. Burgundy Tie – The deviant line, sophisticated and distinctive.

What color tie matches a navy blue suit?

A navy suit and pink tie is also a popular choice, as is a navy suit and black tie, navy suit and green tie and a navy suit and navy tie. A navy suit and grey tie is particularly great for business meetings, while pairing a dark blue tie with a navy suit would be perfect for a spring wedding.

What color belt do you wear with a navy suit?

If you’re hunting for a casual yet dapper look, pair a navy suit with a brown leather belt. If you feel like playing it up a bit, add a pair of brown leather monks to the equation. For a look that’s extremely easy but can be flaunted in a multitude of different ways, try pairing a navy suit with a brown leather belt.

What color tie goes with a navy blue shirt?

In general, colors that contrast are good choices. So, for example, a blue shirt will look good with an orange tie. By contrast, colors that are too similar on the color wheel could clash.

When can I wear a navy blue suit?

A navy suit is great for formal occasions. As far as the navy blue suit combinations are concerned, you can wear one with a white shirt and a conservative tie and make your way to that that “black tie optional” event and make heads turn. For a less formal look, go for a navy blue pinstripe suit.

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What socks do you wear with a blue suit?

When talking about suits, wear your black socks with medium or dark blue suits, and medium or dark brown shoes. Neutral colors such as shades of white, beige, but also darker colors such as shoes of grey or khaki can go with blue suits.

Can you wear black shoes with a blue suit?

Being more navy than blue, this darker color suit wears even better with the black shoes due to the low contrast between the two. Remember, the pairing of blue or navy suits and black shoes makes an outfit more elegant, yet functional from business to formal settings.

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