Readers ask: How To Choose A Dress Shirt?

  1. The gap between the shirt collar and your neck (when the shirt is buttoned up) should be big enough for two fingers to slide through.
  2. The shoulders of the shirt should end at the point where your shoulders meet your upper arms.
  3. Armholes should be high up enough so as not to limit the movement of your arms.

How do I pick the right dress shirt?

The best dress shirts fit comfortably around the chest, under the armpits, and across the upper back, giving you a full range of motion. A fitted shirt will feel snug, but not too tight. Your chest should “fill out” the shirt in a way where your body is discernible under the fabric.

How do you determine dress shirt size?

Dress shirts rely on two measurements, neck size, and sleeve length. The neck size appears first, and increases by half inches range from 13″ to 19″. The second number is the sleeve length.

How do I pick the right shirt?

To make sure you’ve chosen the right fit, look for a slim fit that still gives you a full range of motion. Additionally, don’t neglect the fabric of the shirt when you’re trying to find the right piece. A shirt that’s made of a cheap and scratchy fabric make have a great price tag and look excellent on the first wear.

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How do you pick the right size shirt?

Here’s the scoop: The first number on the size tag refers to the neck size and the second number is the sleeve length. So a shirt size “15 34/35” means that the neck is 15 inches and the sleeve is between 34 and 35 inches.

What does 34 35 mean on a dress shirt?

A 34/35 sleeve length shirt actually has a sleeve that is 34.5 inches. in length. The 34/35 is an indication that someone who wears a 34 or a 35 can wear the shirt. The combo sleeve lengths are typically used by mass manufacturers who are looking to cut down on different sizes that they would otherwise need to carry.

How do I know my dress shirt size without measuring?

If you don’t have a ruler, you can measure lengths with standard objects like printer paper or a dollar bill. Or, approximate lengths using your hand and arm.

How do I know what color shirt to wear?

The only hard and fast rule is to avoid matching your clothes too closely to your skin tone. If you have a light or pale complexion, avoid lighter shirts like white, beige, pastels, and yellow. These colors will wash you out. Aim for darker colors like browns, dark reds, and violets.

Which Colour is best for shirt?

12 T-Shirt Color Combinations that Always Work

  1. Red & White. This color combination is a great choice to make a design really pop.
  2. Green & Gray. There’s just something about Green Ink on Gray clothing.
  3. Blue & White.
  4. Blue & Yellow.
  5. Maroon & White.
  6. Blue & Grey.
  7. Red, White & Blue.
  8. Dark Blue & Light Blue.

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