Readers ask: How To Sew A T-Shirt Dress?


  1. Fold your t-shirt in half and place on the fold of your fabric.
  2. Fold the top of the pocket down 1″ toward the wrong side and press.
  3. Place pocket on top of front dress pattern in desired location and pin, with the right side facing up.
  4. Place front and back dress right sides together matching up all seams.

Can I make a dress with 2 yards of fabric?

2 yards is often more than enough material to work with. Many people do not know how large 2 yards can actually be. But when you buy fabric in larger widths you are getting 72 inches times 45, 72 x 54, 72 x 60, and all the way up to 110 inches wide.

What can I make with 3 yards of fabric?

5 Fun Things to Do with a Few Yards of Fabric

  • Cover a Headboard.
  • Add Some Splashy Pillows.
  • Perk up Place Settings with Fun Napkins.
  • Dress Your Table with a Runner.
  • Frame Your Windows and Doors.

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